Extech DT100M Laser Distance Meter

Extech DT100M Laser Distance Meter Laser measurements up to 330ft (100m) Extech’s DT100M measures distance up to 330ft (100m). It can calculate area and volume and the integrated Pythagorean Theorem allows…

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Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter

Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter Features Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter : Measures RMS Acceleration and Velocity with metric and imperial units of measure Measurement ranges: Acceleration (RMS): 656ft/s²; 20.39g; 200m/s² Velocity (RMS):…

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Extech CG206 Coating Thickness Tester

Extech CG206 Coating Thickness Tester Automatic recognition of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates Dual technology provides automatic recognition for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates without having you guess the material. Allows for quick,…

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