AMTAST AMT506 Female Outside

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AMTAST AMT506 Colormeter

Syariftama Global Indonesia has a wide range of Amtast products – search by type, or model, or filter by brand to find the one you are after. If you still can’t find it contact us,is a measuring tool that can be used to help make it easier for users to make color measurements. This tool has various features and specifications that will support the user’s work in measuring. This tool can also check, call, upload data at any time with 1500 sets of data storage space.

Application For Women AMTAST AMT506 :

  • Quality control in color difference in samples and products
  • Color difference outdoor batch product inspection
  • On-line monitoring of color differences in the production process
  • Color matching in injection and quality control in production process
  • Color difference and color difference control in printing process
  • Analysis of the difference in the color of the spray paint surface and the electroplate surface
  • The color difference of different areas of metal treatment surface

Women’s Beauty AMTAST AMT506 

  • Users can check, call, upload data at any time with 1500 sets of data storage space
  • Professional color quality software will help with color analysis and quality control
  • There are buttons and menu operations that are easy to control and there are also three languages ​​for switching
  • Users can meet the special needs of different measuring conditions by providing various light modes and color spaces
  • Two calibrations available: white calibration and zero calibration, measurement data is more accurate and stable

Specifications of AMTAST AMT506 Color Gauge 

  • Illuminant / light system: 45/0
  • Measuring Caliber: 8mm
  • Language operation: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
  • Display mode: L*a*b, L*C*H, XYZ, E*ab, (L*a*b*), (L*C*H*), XYZ
  • Storage space: Standard: 50 sets, 30 sets of color difference data below the standard data
  • Illuminant standard: D65, D50, F11, C
  • Observer standard: 10, 2 °
  • Repeatability: Standard deviation: within E * ab≤0.08 (When the white calibration plate is measured 30 times, and then averaged)
  • Calibration: White calibration, Zero calibration
  • Response Time: About 2 seconds
  • Power Source: 4 AA size batteries or AC adapter
  • Operating Temperature: 0- 40 , (32 -104 ); relative humidity 85% or less
  • Ukuran (P x L x T): 110 x 60 x 190mm
  • Weight: 330g (Without battery)
  • Standard Accessories: Bag, Protection cap, Software, AC adapter, USB cable, Instrument, Hard case, calibration plate
  • Optional Accessory: Micro-printer

AMTAST AMT506 Female Outside Datasheet

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