AMTAST SL 5868P Noise Meter

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AMTAST SL 5868P Noise Meter

Syariftama Global Indonesia has a wide range of Amtast products – search by type, or model, or filter by brand to find the one you are after. If you still can’t find it contact us.AMTAST SL-5868P Noise Meter is a measuring instrument that can be used to assist users in measuring the noise level of an object. This tool is compatible with several standards from GB / T 3785, IEC 651 Type 2, ANSIS 1.4 Type 2. Because if a noise is allowed to continue it can be harmful to the surrounding environment. So with this tool the user does not need to worry.

Features AMTAST SL 5868P Noise Meter

  • Multifunctional with a wide range of 30-130dB
  • Built-in calibration signal 94dB at 1kHz (sinusoidal)
  • Can measure 4 measurement parameters
  • Lp (sound/noise level)
  • Leq (equivalent continuous A sound level)
  • Lmax (maximum sound level)
  • LN (percent of all readings over alarm value set)
  • Has a minimalist design.
  • Equipped with buttons that help the operation.
  • To help save power, this tool is equipped with an automatic shutdown.
  • Can store data, and can also retrieve, delete and download or directly send it to a computer and then export it to ms.excel
  • With adjustable alarm and LED alarm output
  • Instant features, easy to read, show clear and specific results
  • Equipped with an automatic shut-off feature when non-use, which can be set from 1-9 minutes
  • Meets all international safety standards issued by European Directives i.e. IEC651 Type 2, ANSI 1.4 Type 2 compliant

Specification AMTAST SL 5868P Noise Meter

  • Standardization: IEC651 Type 2 , ANSI S1. 4 Type 2
  • PC interface: Bluetooth + CD Software (Opsional)
  • Function: Lp, Leq, Lmax, LN.
  • Measurement parameters: Lp, Leq, Lmax, LN.
  • Measuring Range:
  • Lp : 30 – 130dB (A) , 35 – 130dB (C) , 35 – 130dB (F)
  • Leq : 30-130dB (10s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 8h, 24h interval)
  • LN. : 0-100%
  • Memory: 30 groups max with measuring conditions and with Date and Time Stamping
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Accuracy: ±1dB
  • Frequency Range: 20.0 to 12,500Hz
  • Weight frequency: A, C and F (Flat)
  • Built-in calibration signal 94dB at 1kHz (sinusoidal)
  • Working time : FAST 125mS , SLOW : 1 sec.
  • DC output: 0 – 1.3V, 10mv/dB
  • Microphone: 0.5″ Electret condenser microphone
  • Display: 14mm (0.55″) LCD Screen with backlight
  • Built-in battery condition indicator
  • Alarm: electron, adjusable, 30-130dB set, LED and optional relay contact (NC) output
  • Power off: Manual or adjustable Auto Power off time
  • Power supply: 4×1.5v AAA (UM-4 battery) or External 6V DC 100mA (not included)
  • Size: 236 x 63 x26 mm
  • Weight: 137g (excluding batteries)

AMTAST SL 5868P Noise Meter Datasheet

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