Bel Engineering STMDLX Microscope

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Bel Engineering STMDLX Microscope

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STMDLX StereoZoom Microscopes are the top choice when looking for an instrument that can afford optimal observations both in the laboratory and in the industry field.
Standard total magnification is 10x – 65x (1:6,5) extendable from 2.5x up to 390x total magnification thanks to additional optics. Features like high eyepoint wide field eyepieces, long working distance, large depht of field and a wide choice of accessories make this instrument the best investment for your work.
Trinocular version allow easy connection of CMOS high-resolution cameras, for acquiring and image analysis.

Included: protection cover, user manual


  • Fiber optics illuminator, double arm (or anular guide), 150Watt (MS100012/13)
  • LED annular illuminator, 4 zones (MS100010)
  • Additional Eyepieces 15x, 20x, 30x (MS010013/14/15)
  • Additional Objectives 0.5x, 0.7x, 1x, 2x (MS020014/15/16/17)
  • Eyepiece 10x with divisions (MS010016)
  • 0.5x or 1x C-mount adapter (MS060037/38)
  • Dark filed condenser w/gem clamp (MB030005)
  • Eurekam / Eurekam PRO digital cameras
  • XY mechanical stage for trasmitted light (MS090015)
  • Reflex camera adapter (MB060039)

Specification Bel Engineering STMDLX Microscope :

Optical system Separated objectives
Illumination Transmitted Fluorescent 5W lamp
Reflected Halogen lamp 10W with adjustable intensity
Eyepieces Wide field WF10x/23mm high eye point
Objectives ZOOM  1.0x – 6.5x  (1:6.5)
Total magnification 10x-65x, expandible to 390x with additional optics
Focusing Accurately adjustable through knobs on both microscope sides
Torque adjustment
Working distance 118mm, expandible to 195mm with additional optics
Observation tube Type Binocular Trinocular
Tube inclination 45° tilted, 360° rotable
Interpupillary distance adjustment 52-76mm, dioptric difference adjustment ± 6mm
Light splt 100% – 0%  /  70% – 30%
Stage 240x260mm
230 x 300mm with 76x50mm excursion (STMDLX-B-XY, STMDLX-T-XY models)


Bel Engineering STMDLX – Datasheet

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