Benetech GT5307B Insulation Continuity Tester

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Benetech GT5307B Insulation Continuity Tester

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  •  It is suitable for measuring the insulation resistance of various electrical equipment and insulating materials such as transformer, motors, cables, switches, electrical appliances, etc.
  •  Icon display/alarm light on/buzzer alarm three types of alarms to prevent the danger of electric shock. Multiple gears can be selected to measure high and low, and the voltage can be measured after shifting.
  •  This instrument is a high performance digital instrument, with large LCD display, display screen make it easy to read measurements.
  •  Insulation resistance meter is beautiful, wide range, high accuracy, high resolution, convenient operation, easy to carry.
  •  Resistance short circuit protection makes the measurement safer and more assured. Carry out maintenance, testing and verification of various electrical equipment.

Features Benetech GT5307B Insulation Continuity Tester :

  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • AC measurement
  • DC measurement
  •  Small resistance measurement
  • Live detection of tested resistance
  • Short circuit protection of measured resistance
  • AC and DC automatic identification
  • Measurement data is locked.
  • Polarization Index
  • Absorption ratio test
  • Automatic discharge
  • Low battery reminder
  • Large LCD screen digital display
  • External DC power supply DC9V 1.5A
  • 10M internal resistance measurement
  • Over limit alarm
  • Auto range
  • Red alarm light, buzzer alarm.
  • High voltage alarm
  • Test voltage display

Specification Benetech GT5307B Insulation Continuity Tester :

  • Technical parameters display : Large-screen LCD (up to 500 counts).
  • Over limit indication : Hi: The mark appears on insulation resistance range.
  • Auto range: Higher range : 500 counts, Lower range: 1 count (only on insulation resistance range)
  • Sampling Rate: 2 times / second
  • Allowed altitude : Less than or equal 2000m (for indoor use)
  • Operation environment : Temperature: 0-40 degree C / Humidity: Less than or equal 85%
  • Operation environment : Temperature: -20-60 degree C / Humidity: Less than or equal 90%
  • Overload protection: Insulation resistance range: AC 1200V / 10 seconds; Voltage range: AC 720V / 10 seconds
  • Withstand voltage : AC 6000V (50 / 60Hz) / 5 seconds (between circuit and periphery)
  • Insulation resistance : Greater than or equal 1000M ohms / DC 1000V (between circuit and periphery)
  • Power supply : DC 9V (6×1.5V AA batteries, not included)
  • Current consumption : Approximately 1.5A (normally maintained at approximately 50mA)
  • Battery Life : About 12 hours
  • Dimension : 176 x110 x 77mm



3d file PDF icon illustration 22597324 PNGBenetech GT5307B – Datasheet

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