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DNA Technology RT PCR DTPrime

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DTprime real-time PCR instrument is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of DNA and RNA targets. DTprime is an optimum choice for diagnostic laboratories with high throughput workflow when performing routine analyses and for research organizations where optimization and fine-tuning adjustments are important. The instrument can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the fields of

  • Human genetics;
  • Gene Expression profiling;
  • Pathogen detection, quantification and genotyping;
  • Complex bacterial communities testing.

Optimal choice
for diagnostic laboratories with high throughput workflow.

Original DTmaster
software lowers the probability of mistakes and is used for sophisticated assays requiring multiple settings application.

Several devices can be operated from one PC allowing high performance and multitasking.

Customer service and technical support
Manufacturer guarantees quick diagnostics and replacement of the failed parts

Wide range of performing tests
HPV Genotyping
HLA Genotyping
BRCA Genetics
Cardio and Thrombophilia Genetics
Androflor® and Femoflor® microbiome
composition tests.

4 or 5 channel optical system
with narrow spectral range custom-made filters
accounts for reliable multiplex detection.

Up to 200
complex tests per day on one device.

Adapted for integration with laboratory
information system LIS.
Variant design of thermal unit allows easy
adaptation to medium- and high throughput
laboratory workflows.

Technical Highlights RT PCR DTPrime

  • High performance and flexible: you can both apply separate tubes and strips, and standard 96-well plates as expendables,
    and 384-well microplates in X1 versions;
  •  The software contains a lot of settings allowing advanced users to obtain more data and finely tune device for a given task;
  •  The user can work with robotized sample processing systems due to the special geometry of the body and the automatic
    pull-out thermal unit;
  •  Can be integrated into laboratory information systems to store data in standard graphic and text formats;
  •  Ability to control multiple devices from a single control computer increases lab productivity and allows you to simultaneously
    conduct a wide range of PCR studies using kits with different amplification programs;
  •  The narrow case and compact design allows you to organize a complex of several devices in a small area.

Specifications DNA Technology RT PCR DTPrime :

Thermal unit plate format • Monoblock (M1 version) – 96 0.2 ml tubes (12×8 arrangement)
• 3-section thermal unit (M3 version) – 96 0.2 ml tubes (12×8 arrangement)
• 6-section thermal unit (M6 version) – 96 0.2 ml tubes (12×8 arrangement)
• Monoblock (X1 version) – 384-well 0.045 ml plate (24×16 arrangement)
Consumables type For M version:
• PCR 0.2ml tubes (separate or in strips, 8 pieces each)
• 96-well 0.2 ml PCR plate
For Х1 version:
• 384-well 0.045 ml PCR plate
Thermal unit temperature range (°C) from 0 to 100
Temperature step (°C) 0.1
Temperature accuracy (°C) +/– 0.2
Maximum heating rate of thermal unit (°C/sec) • For M versions: 3.5
• For X versions: 2.5
Maximum cooling rate of thermal unit (°С/sec) For M versions: 2.5
• For X versions: 1.5
Heating and cooling method =6 Peltier thermoelectric elements
Excitation source LED
Detector CCD
Number of fluorescence measuring channels • 4 (versions 4М1, 4М3, 4М6)
• 5 (versions 5М1, 5М3, 5М6 and 5X1)
Spectral range (nm)
Excitation and detection for each channel
• Fam – 470/40 – 515/30 (compatible with SybrGreen)
• Hex – 530/20 – 560/20 (compatible with VIC, R6G)
• Rox – 580/30 – 620/30 (compatible with TAMRA)
• Cy5 – 630/20 – 660/20
• Cy5.5 – 687/20 – 731/30
Color display 29×97 mm with 690×480 pix resolution and increased service life
(at least 30,000 hours)
Hot lid temperature (°C) 105
Line voltage (V) 220
Power consumption (W) Max 500
Frequency (Hz) 50
Size (WxDxH) (mm) 210x540x540
Mass (kg) 27


DNA Technology RT PCR DTPrime Datasheet

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