Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter

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Product Description

Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter

Features Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter :

  • Measures RMS Acceleration and Velocity with metric and imperial units of measure
  • Measurement ranges:
  • Acceleration (RMS): 656ft/s²; 20.39g; 200m/s²
  • Velocity (RMS): 7.87in/s; 2.00cm/s; 200mm/s
  • Wide frequency range of 10Hz to 1kHz
  • Resolution to 1ft/s²; 0.01g; 0.1m/s² and 0.02in/s; 0.01cm/s; 0.1mm/s
  • Basic accuracy of ±(5% + 2 digits)
  • Zero adjustment, Data Hold, Low battery indicator
  • Water and dust resistant to IP65
  • Complete with test pin tip, magnetic base, 4 x AAA batteries, and pouch case


Specifications Range
Display LCD, 20 mm x 28 mm.
Measurement Velocity, Acceleration. (RMS value).
Mode Acceleration: g, m/s2, ft/s2
Velocity: mm/s, cm/s, inch/s
Frequency range 10 Hz to 1 KHz
Sampling time Approx. 1 second.
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C ( 32 to 122°F ).
Operating humidity < 80% RH.
Power supply DC 1.5V battery ( UM-4/AAA ) x 4 PCs.
Power consumption Approx. DC 12 mA.
Weight 240 g ( 0.53 lb ).
Dimension Meter: 175 x 40 x 32 mm, ( 6.9 x 1.6 x 1.3 inch ).
Sensing head: Round 9 mm Dia. x 30 mm.


Manual Extech VB400 Pen Vibration Meter

Pen Vibration Meter EXTECH VB400



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