HD-1T Pressure Tension Tester

Product Description

HD-1T Pressure Tension Tester Dengan 3 unit satuan: N (Newton), kg, dan lb

This digital pressuremeter tension tester is a special equipment to measure rope tension of wind towers, signal transmission and power transmission systems. With high precision, easy to operate, easy to carry. Users can also input gravity acceleration value to make the test more accurately.

Features HD-1T Pressure Tension Tester : 

  • High precision, high resolution.
  • Five kinds of test modes, three kinds display modes
  • N, kg, lb three testing units for selection, mutual conversion.
  • Gravity acceleration setting function—Users can input the precise gravity acceleration value of testing place, make the testing and unit conversion more accurate.
  • Peak holding function
  • Automatic peak function
  • Can set upper and lower limit value to make statistical analysis, the value more than comparative value, the alarm buzzer will alarm.
  • Data store function, up to 896 values.
  • 10 minutes without operation automatic shutdown
  • High quality charging power, charge voltage from 240V to 100V,also have short circuit, leakage, overload protection function.
  • 2 sets of installation dimensions,convenient to installation and using.
  • Six digit big screen display.

Specifications HD-1T Pressure Tension Tester : 

Wire rope pulling force 1T
Maximum load value 10KN
Wire rope diameter (mm) Φ6~Φ14; A(mm): 160; B(mm): 30; C(mm): 60
Load division value 0.01KN/ 0.001Mg/ 0.001Klb
Error of indication 土0.5%
Accuracy According to the ropes characteristics of different forms, precision is the 2%-6% of the full range.
Unit N(KN) , Kg(Mg or T) , Lb(Klb)
Power Rechargeable batteries Battery voltage(100V-240V)
Sensor structure high-accuracy External sensor
high-accuracy External sensor No seismic focus and corrosive medium around
Net weight About 400g weight of sensor
Size 230 X 66 X 36mm


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