HoldPeak HP870P Power Clamp Meter

Product Description

HoldPeak HP870P Power Clamp Meter AC/DC Voltmeter 999.9A Ammeter

Features HoldPeak HP870P Power Clamp Meter : 

  • HP-870P digital power clamp meter is a handheld aptitude meter with power measurement, it is incorporated current meter and power measurement instrument.​
  • HP-870P has powerful measuring, and complete to measure, calculate and display of the 8 parameters: Voltage, Current, Active Power, Power Factor, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Active Energy, Frequency.
  • It is especially suitable for measurement and overhaul of the electric power equipment and the power-supply circuit on the spot.
  • The structure of the instrument is pincers, it is very small, very light and portable, make measurement easy and fast.
  • The meter has functions such as data hold, backlight illumination, MAX/MIN test, and auto power off.
  • This meter can be widely used in home, school, smelting, communications, manufacturing, petroleum refining industry, national defense, electricity and chemical industries, etc. It’s an ideal tool for the maintenance and repair of the circuit, power equipment.

Specifications HoldPeak HP870P Power Clamp Meter : 

  • Measuring Inductance Range: NO
  • Weight: 450g
  • Brand Name: HoldPeak
  • Measuring Resistance Range: NO
  • Dimensions: 2259740mm
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Measuring Capacitance Range: NO
  • Operating Temperature: -20~1370C
  • Display: 9999
  • Range Select: AUTO
  • Active Power: 99.99kW/100kW~300kW
  • Apparent Power: 99.99KVA/100KVA~245KVA
  • Reactive Power: 0.01VAr~99.99KVAr/99.99KVAr~120KVAr
  • Power Factor: 0.3~1.0
  • Active Energy: 0~99.99kWh/100~700.0kWh
  • Back Light: YES
  • Jaw Caliber: 45mm



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