Keysight U1193A Handheld Clamp Meter

Product Description

Keysight U1193A Handheld Clamp Meter clamp meter fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and allow you to select measurement functions with thumb press. The unique wire separator allows you to effortlessly isolate and perform measurements on individual wires in a bundle. For improved visibility when making measurements, these clamp meters come with integrated LED flashlight that illuminates the test area. These features ensure that you are better equipped when making measurements.

Features Keysight U1193A Handheld Clamp Meter :

  • 600 A true RMS current measurement
  • Unique wire separator to separate wires from a bundle
  • Vsense to perform non-contact voltage detection
  • Built-in LED flashlight to illuminate test area
  • Visual and audible continuity indication in noisy environments
  • Digital multimeter (DMM) with resistance, capacitance, DCV, ACV and ACA
  • CAT III 600 V / CAT IV 300 V safety rating

Specifications Keysight U1193A Handheld Clamp Meter : 

Digits of Resolution n/a
Display Type n/a
Max. Reading Speed 3 readings/s
Basic 1-Year DCV Accuracy 0.5%
Measurement Functions
  • DCV and ACV
  • ACI
  • 2-wire Resistance
  • Frequency
  • Capacitance
  • Diode test
  • Continuity test with visual and audio alerts
Non-contact Voltage Detection, Vsense  Yes
LED Flashlight  Yes
Battery Life 200 hours
Connectivity n/a
Jaw Opening 37 mm




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