Leica Viva GS16 GNSS Performance

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Leica Viva GS16 GNSS Performance

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The Leica Viva GS16 GNSS Performance is the most powerful and compact GNSS self-learning smart antenna. Operating with mainstream RTK technology, the Viva GS16 meets the highest standards of measurement excellence with SmartLink and RTKplus. The increasing number of signals from growing satellite constellations requires faster and smarter GNSS receivers. RTKplus intelligently adapts to changing conditions by selecting the optimal signal to provide the most accurate positioning. Work more efficiently and in more demanding environments than ever before.

Enjoy accurate and continuous positioning even if your local correction service is unavailable due to obstacles or lack of cellular coverage with global SmartLink service.

Features Leica Viva GS16 GNSS Performance

  • 555 channels for more signals, faster acquisition and increased sensitivity
  • Intelligent management of multi-frequency signals, ulti-constellation
  • Smart option to automatically reject reflected or noisy signals
  • Unique RTK technology provides continuous checking to guarantee correct results
  • Initialize in seconds
  • Complete reliability
  • Achieve centimeter accurate positioning worldwide – perfect when working in remote areas around the world
  • No RTK transmitter or RTK network is required, correction data is continuously transmitted by satellites providing global coverage
  • Bridging RTK outages for uninterrupted centimeter positioning
  • IP68 protection
  • Made for extreme temperatures of -40°C to +65°C
  • Meets the toughest standards throughout the complete product lifetime
  • Integrated mobile phone and UHF radio RTK device
  • Compact housing
  • Light
  • SmartNet Satellite Positioning – your No.1 partner for network RTK
  • Leica Active Assist – next level in support
  • Leica Exchange – transfer data easily, quickly and securely

What’s In The Box :

  • Leica Viva GS16
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Pole
  • Controller CS20
  • Carying case


3d file PDF icon illustration 22597332 PNGLeica Viva GS16  Datasheet

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