Lutron DS-2013SD Noise Dosimeter

Product Description

Lutron DS-2013SD Noise Dosimeter

A tool designed to facilitate the evaluation of sounds whose loudness levels are not constant and change over time. This type of meter will record the sound level. Along with the time period for measuring the various loudness levels, along with calculating the cumulative sound volume and the average of the loudness levels.

Conductivity Probe
Model: CDPB-03

  • Personal sound exposure meet IEC 61252
  • Frequency and Time weighting are designed to meet IEC 61672 class 2.
  • A & C weighting networks comply with standards.
  • LCD is dot-matrix with backlight and easy reading
  • Combination Dose meter, Data-logger and Sound level meter.
  • 0.5″ standard microphone head.
  • Time weighting (Fast & Slow) dynamic characteristic modes.
  • Build External calibration VR.
  • User-defined measurement configurations. Selectable Criterion Level,
  • Exchange Rate, Threshold, Frequency Weighting, and Response Time setting.
  • Condenser microphone for high accuracy & long-term stability.
  • Memory function to store the Max. & Min. value.
  • Hold functions.
  • Manual datalogger is available ( set the sampling time to 0 second ).
  • SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB.
  • Can default auto power off or manual power off
  • Noise Dose %,SPL measurements.
  • Microcomputer circuit, high accuracy.
  • Power by UM4/AAA ( 1.5 V ) x 6 batteries or DC 9V adapter.
  • Heavy duty & compact housing case.

Innovation and easy operation, computer is not need to setup extra software, after execute datalogger, just take away the SD card from the meter and plug in the SD card into the computer, it can download the all the measured value with the time information ( year/month/date/ hour/minute/second ) to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data or graphic analysis by themselves.

Specification Lutron DS-2013SD Noise Dosimeter :

Range SPL (Sound Pressure Level) : 30 to 130 dB
Dose (Test Noise Exposure) : 70 to 130 dB
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy (23 ± 5ºC)
±3.5 dB (31.5 Hz)
±2.5 dB (63 Hz)
±2.0 dB (125 Hz)
±1.9 dB (250 Hz)
±1.9 dB (500 Hz)
±1.4 dB (1 KHz)
±2.6 dB (2 KHz)
±3.6 dB (4 KHz)
±5.6 dB (8 KHz)
Time weighting Fast: 125 ms, Slow: 1 s
Frequency 31.5 to 8000 Hz
Microphone type Electric condenser microphone
Sampling time 1 second
Standard IEC 61672, Class 2
Data storage SD memory card 1 to 32 GB
Functions dB (A & C frequency weighting), Time weighting (Fast, Slow), Data hold, Record max/ min, Auto power off
Interface RS232, USB PC interface
Power requirements Battery AAA x 6
Dimensions/Weight 132 x 80 x 32 mm/ 250 g
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