Lutron DW-6095 3 Phase Power & Harmonic Analyzer

Product Description

Lutron DW-6095 3 Phase Power & Harmonic Analyzer

3 Phase Power Analyser Lutron DW-6095 brings basic power analysis, and fault finding within the grasp of most technicians. Included is a complete, ready to use kit for measuring all power parameters on industrial installations to 1200A

Features Lutron DW-6095 3 Phase Power & Harmonic Analyzer : 

  • AC parameters, Power Factor, Phase, Harmonics,Crest Factor, Active, Apparent, Reactive Power
  • Peak AC voltage and current
  • IEC 1010 CAT III 600V
  • Includes 3 x 1200 amp current clamps
  • Real time logger 2 seconds to 7200 seconds – to SD card (instantaneous values)
  • Transients recorded such as dip, swell and outage with programmable thresh hold (not waveform)
  • Display waveform, harmonics, Total harmonic distortion, phase diagram
  • Export recorded data direct via SD card to EXCEL software for analysis

Accessories included : 
Instruction Manual
Kartu Certificate Calibration ( pernyataan bahwa produk sudah dikalibrasi di pabrikan Lutron )
Test Leads (TL88-4AT) 4pcs
Alligator clips (TL88-4AC) 4pcs
1200A Clamp Probe (CP-1201) 3pcs
AC to DC 9V Adapter 1pc
SD Card 4GB 1pc
Soft Carrying Bag/ tas 1pc

Batere AA (1.5V ) = 8 x
USB Cable , USB-01
Data Acquisition software, SW-U811-WIN
CP-2000 Clamp Sensor 2000 A AC
CP-3000 Flexible Clamp Sensor 3000A AC


Lutron DW-6095 Datasheet

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