Lutron SL-4023SD Sound Level Meter

Product Description

Lutron SL-4023SD Sound Level Meter

The meter measures and records sound in real time by recording measurement results on SD Card (supports SD Card 1 to 32 GB). Set recording frequency either Auto or Manual. Auto measurement range is 30 to 130 dB and Manual divided into 3 measurement ranges: 30 to 80 dB, 50 to 100 dB, 80 to 130 dB. The unit is easy to use. With a standard microphone size of ø0.5 inches and sound measurement standards of IEC61672 Class 2

Sound meter It is an ideal tool for daily use, such as measuring sound levels in entertainment venues, machinery noise, and noise from combustion systems in industrial plants. or even various environmental sounds

SD Card Real Time Data Recorder
Sound Level Meter
Model : SL-4023SD

  • Real time data recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be download to the Excel, extra software is no need.
  • Meet IEC61672 class 2
  • Auto range : 30 to 130 dB.
  • Manual range : 3 ranges 30 to 80 dB, 50 to 100 dB, 80 to 130 dB .
  • A/C frequency weighting.
  • Fast/slow time weighting,
  • Peak hold, Data hold.
  • Record (Max., Min.).
  • RS232/USB computer interface.
  • Optional wind shield ball, SB-01.
  • Patented.
  • Patent: Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, USA pending.

Specification Lutron SL-4023SD Sound Level Meter : 

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