MEGGER MIT485/2 Telecom Insulation and Continuity Tester

Product Description

MEGGER MIT485/2 Telecom Insulation and Continuity Tester

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Features MEGGER MIT485/2 Telecom Insulation and Continuity Tester

  • Gated access to 500V prevents accidental damage when performing up to 100GΩ insulation tests at this voltage
  • Single automatic resistance range: 0.01Ω to 1.0MΩ makes continuity testing quick and easy
  • Voltage is stabilised throughout testing
  • Input impedance is 10MΩ in order to prevent loading the circuit and reporting low voltages
  • Test voltage is indicated throughout testing on the smaller digital readout whilst the measurement detected is indicated on the larger display
  • Test range is indicated on the display during selection
  • REN value is displayed for the circuit under investigation
  • Will indicate Pass or Fail using tick and cross icons
  • Rechargeable options are available which can be re-powered using mains or car chargers
  • Redesigned case with a back-stand and 6-cell battery and separate fuse access
  • Compatible with optional magnetic hanging strap (NOT included)

Specification MEGGER MIT485/2 Telecom Insulation and Continuity Tester

Test Voltage
Nominal MIT481/2 and MIT485/2
50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V
Insulation Accuracy 50 Volts. 10 GΩ ± 2% ± 2 digits ± 4.0% per GΩ
100 Volts. 20 GΩ ± 2% ± 2 digits ± 2.0% per GΩ
250 Volts. 50 GΩ ± 2% ± 2 digits ± 0.8% per GΩ
500 Volts. 100 GΩ ± 2% ± 2 digits ± 0.4% per GΩ
Service Error: BS EN 61557-2 (2007). 50V, ± 2.0% ± 2d, 100kΩ – 900kΩ ± 10.5%
100V, ± 2.0% ± 2d, 100kΩ – 900kΩ ± 10.3%
250V, ± 2.0% ± 2d, 100kΩ – 900kΩ ± 10.3%
500V, ± 2.0% ± 2d, 100kΩ – 900kΩ ± 10.3%
Display range Analogue: 1 GΩ full scale
Resolution 0.1 kΩ
Short circuit/charge current 2 mA +0% -50% to
EN 61557-2 (2007)
Open circuit voltage insulation -0% +2% ± 2 V
Test current 1 mA at min. pass value of
insulation to a maximum of 2 mA max
EN61557 Operating range: 0.10 MΩ to 1.0 0GΩ
Leakage Current 10% ±3 digits
Timer control Countdown timer 60 second
Note Above specifications only apply when
high quality silicone leads are
being used

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