Milwaukee MW102-FOOD PRO+ 2-in-1 pH and Temperature Meter for Food

Product Description

Milwaukee MW102-FOOD PRO+ 2-in-1 pH and Temperature Meter for Food

ACCURACY: ±0.02 pH
RANGE: 0.00 – 12.00 pH
MANUAL: Milwaukee MW102 Manual

Milwaukee MW102 PRO+ Food pH meter has won fans around the world with its reliable, fast and simple operation as well as its toughness and accuracy. The MW102 Food pH meter combines the power of the MW102 meter with the specialist capabilities of the MA920B/1 Direct Measurement Food Grade pH Probe.


  • Amazingly accurate, the best meter I have used so far.
  • Very satisfied, very accurate, rugged device that calibrates easily.
  • Rarely needs to be calibrated and gives perfect readings every time.
  • Killer tool, good value.

The Milwaukee PRO+ pH Meter is a specialist food pH meter and probe combination specifically designed for the pH analysis of semi-solid foods such as processed meats, soft cheeses, soups, sauces, and sushi rice.

The Milwaukee PRO pH meter offers:

People choose the PRO+ pH Meter to improve the accuracy of their pH testing program. With two point calibration, the meter can be quickly calibrated to a higher accuracy compared with one point calibration. The MW102 meter has accuracy to ± 0.02 pH. 5x more accurate than some alternative meters.

The meter comes with both a pH probe and temperature probe allowing the meter to automatically adjust the pH reading for the effect of temperature.

The temperature probe can also be used as a very accurate thermometer.

The rugged meter is built to take knocks.

MA920 food probe features include an open junction design that reduces clogging from suspended solids and proteins found in food and dairy products for a more stable pH measurement and reduced maintenance.

The probe also has a conical shaped tip design which allows for penetration into solids, semi solids, and emulsions for the direct measurement of pH in a variety of food products.

In addition, the body is constructed from polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). PVDF is a food grade plastic that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents used for disinfection in the food sector, including chlorine (bleach).

Features Milwaukee MW102-FOOD PRO+ 2-in-1 pH and Temperature Meter for Food

  • Fast easy to read results with large digital LCD readout
  • Extreme accuracy to ±0.02 pH and extended range (-2.00 pH to 16.00 pH)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy measurement: just place the probe in the sample, gently stir and wait for the reading to stabilize
  • Simple push button, automatic two-point calibration for increased accuracy
  • Food grade electrode with a rugged, easy-to-clean, PVDF body, a conical tip for use with semi solids with a screw on cap to ensure proper storage
  • Rugged stainless temperature probe
  • 3 feet probe cables for extra flexibility when testing
  • Auto shut off and low power demand with approx. 300 hours of continuous use (battery included)

Specifications Milwaukee MW102-FOOD PRO+ 2-in-1 pH and Temperature Meter for Food : 

pH Range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH
Temp Range: 23 to 104°F
pH Accuracy ±0.02 pH
pH Resolution: 0.01 pH
pH Typical EMC Deviation: ±0.2 pH
Temp Resolution 0.1°C
Temp Accuracy (@25°C): ±0.5°C
Temperature Compensation: Automatic, 0 to 70°C
Temp Typical EMC Deviation: ±0.5°C
Calibration: Automatic, 1 or 2 points
pH Electrode: MA920B/1 (included)
Temperature: Probe MA830R (included)
Environment: 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F; max RH 95%
Battery Type: 1 x 9V (included)
Battery Life: Approx. 300 hours of continuous use
Auto-off: After 8 minutes of non-use
Approximate dimensions: 5.7 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches
Weight: 1.1 lbs with battery


Jual MMilwaukee MW102-FOOD PRO+ 2-in-1 pH and Temperature Meter for Food dengan harga murah dan berkualitas bergaransi tentunya. dapat di kirim ke seluruh wilaya Indonesia.
Jika anda butuh penawaran dan info Stok silahkan hubungi sales kami di No Tlpon 0813 1864 0412 Tlpon/SMS/Whatsapp. Supplier dan Distributor Milwaukee Instruments, di Indonesia. menyedikakan juga berbagai merk Alat ukur & Lab, Alat Survey, Alat komunikasi dan GPS

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