MITECH CDX-Ⅲ Material Defect Detector Tool

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MITECH CDX-Ⅲ Material Defect Detector Tool

Syariftama Global Indonesia has a wide range of Mitech products – search by type, or model, or filter by brand to find the one you are after, If you still can’t find it contact us,The MITECH CDX-Ⅲ Material Defect Detector is a measuring tool used to perform measurements to detect defects in hard objects such as cast, steel, etc.

flaw detector device from MITECH CO., LTD. With small size, light weight, easy operation, multifunction in one unit. This detector can equip A, D, EO four kinds of probes to realize the functions of magnetic clamp detection, electroma.

Features of the MITECH CDX-Ⅲ Material Defect Detector :

  • Indicate the shape, position, size, degree of deflection and confirm the nature of the defection, according to the effect of the magnetic field.
  • Adopt new power mode, improve detection accuracy.
  • Adjustable magnetic yoke makes the detector more practical.
  • Accessory lights can be used in dark situations.
  • Four types of probes, improve detection accuracy.
  • Different magnetic methods can test all parts of the workpiece.
  • Humanized design, magnetizing switch is easy to touch.
  • The detection speed is very fast.
  • Can test flaws between 0.5 – 3mm below the workpiece surface, for air holes the detection depth can be up to 5mm.
  • The magnetic participle can directly indicate defection and detect 0.1μm width.

MITECH CDX-Ⅲ Specifications :

Config Parameter
Operating Voltage AC 220V
Working at the moment 5A
Output voltage AC 38V
Output current 12A
Size 130 mm x 265 mm x 200 mm
Main body weight 7,0kg
Electromagnetic yoke size 110mm x 240mm x45mm
Electromagnetic pole pitch 20-160mm
Electromagnetic yoke weight 1.8kg
Lifting strength 445N (lifting force not less than 5kg)
Detection speed t6m / mnt
Test temperature rise s60 ° C
Overall sensitivity A standard type 30/100 test piece clear artificial groove display


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