MITECH MET402 Defect Detector Tool

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Product Description

MITECH MET402 Defect Detector Tool

Syariftama Global Indonesia has a wide range of Mitech products – search by type, or model, or filter by brand to find the one you are after, If you still can’t find it contact us,widely used in all kinds of metal pipe rods, auto parts, bearings, oil casing, oil control rods, ring metal parts in non-destructive testing and scientific research and other fields of higher education research.

This tool is a professional precision testing equipment needed to improve production efficiency, save production costs.

Features of the MITECH MET402 Defect Detector

  • Widely used in nuclear power, military, petrochemical, metallurgy, university teaching, machinery manufacturing and other fields.
  • With modular compact design, small size, light weight, easy to carry, the product can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • The detector with a testing frequency range of 10Hz-10MHz, can meet a variety of different metal detection requirements.
  • Using 5.7 inch color TFT-LCD liquid crystal display, menu design, easy to operate, intuitive display.
  • One-button to achieve a variety of switching modes, more convenient operation. Can quickly detect various metal surface defects.
  • With adjustable magnetic memory, coating thickness measurement, conductivity measurement and other functions.
  • Compatible with various types of probes, and flexible custom wear, wear, plane, point, weld, fan and other probes.
  • it can achieve multi-channel multi-frequency simultaneous detection and can achieve limited mixing, high detection efficiency, high sensitivity.
  • Using eddy current impedance plane and time base scan technology, real-time multi-window display with the same window as the eddy current signal.
  • Chinese and English version of the key to switch, automatic, manual amplitude and phase adjustment, rapid realization of digital analog electronic balance.
  • Real-time alarm output, various alarm window modes, unequal amplitude, asymmetrical phase alarm zone setting.
  • Using a professional “digital filter”, effectively suppresses the interference signal to ensure the accuracy and stability of the test.
  • Can store a large number of various test procedures and data, with signal acquisition, reading, transfer, analysis, storage, playback and other complete
  • intelligent processing functions can be connected to the printer to print file output, storage management.
  • Consistent with ASME, GB/T, YB, EN, JIG, API-5L, API-5cl, MH/T and other relevant domestic and foreign standards.

MITECH MET402 Specifications

Technical parameters MET402
Test range 0-55mm
Test channel 2
Independent detection frequency Single frequency
Frequency range 10Hz-10MHz, Step by 1KHz
Crack detection accuracy LxWxH 3mmx0.1mmx0.072mm (Using flat probe to detect steel test block)
Pipe inspection accuracy 0.3mm through hole to 8db (20mm inside probe)
Gain range 0.0-99.0dB, Step by step: 0.1/0.5/1 dB
Phase rotation 0-359° Continuously adjustable, step by 1/5/10 Deg
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) 10dB
Profit ratio (Y/X): 0.1-10.0
Probe drive 1-8
Calibration curve Equivalent amplitude
Pemfilteran digital Lowpass: 0Hz-2000Hz; Qualcomm: OHz-2000Hz
Filter poin 0-1024
Broadband 100Hz-10M Hz
A/D Rates 12bit 80 million
Auto balance Digital electronic balance
Display method Impedance, time base, circular hole, Cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates
Scan speed Level 1-1000
Real-time hardware sampling 10-bit AD converter with a sampling rate of 160MHz
Mode alarm Alarm real-time
Alarm window Fan, square
Window adjustment 1-12 Level
Storage type SD card
Test data More 5000 groups
Detection parameters More 1000 groups
Display 5.7 inch color TFT-LCD liquid crystal display with 640 x 480 . resolution
Standby time 10 hours
Interface LEMO-6 DB-15
Magnetic memory sensitivity 5Gs
Digital conductivity display range 0.9%-110% IACS or 0.5-64MS/m
Digital Conductivity Accuracy 0.9% -65% IACS 0.5% 1ACS more 62% IACS ±1.0%
Non-conductive layer thickness 0 mm-0,648 mm
Coating Thickness Accuracy 0.025 mm (±0.001 inch)
Size 240 x 175 x 75mm
weight 1,5kg

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