MITECH MFD550B Flaw Detector

Product Description

MITECH MFD550B Flaw Detector

Syariftama Global Indonesia has a wide range of Mitech products – search by type, or model, or filter by brand to find the one you are after, If you still can’t find it contact us,has a comprehensive performance self-check function, can automatically generate test reports and support multiple languages.

Features of the MITECH MFD550B Defect Detector :

  • Alarm Gate, gate position, gate width and gate height can be adjusted as desired. Gate B can choose to set a wave-get alarm or a wave-loss alarm. Beep on gate and LED light can be locked or closed (LED light alarm is very effective under noise environment). The mark capture function can show the characteristics of the echo captured at the gate.
  • Data Storage, the instrument is built with mass storage,Data and files will not be lost due to instrument power failure, Storage content includes channel parameters, waveform images, and video files,It supports 100 groups of defect detect channel parameters, It can be fine tuned for the combination parameters of different types of probes and instruments,It can add keys to each channel and change the channel name and set testing standards for each industry freely, Can store 20,000 images detect signal and echo parameters, Can realize communication with PC.
  • Video function,the instrument supports to save the inspection process as a video file and save it to the internal storage card,Video files can be played back through the instrument This instrument can support up to 100 video files,The total video time is not less than 10 hours Video playback of the inspection process makes it very convenient for learning to detect but is also saved for future analysis for the inspection process.
  • REAL-TIME CLOCK, record and keep tracking records detect date and time in realtime.
  • Communication, high speed USB2.00TG communication interface with USB cable connecting instrument and computer, can realize data file transfer and work for USB Host mode to operate external U disk.
  • Self-checking performance, the instrument can automatically test the combined performance indicators of the probe instrument (including horizontal linearity error, vertical linearity error, resolution, dynamic range, sensitivity range, sensitivity margin) and can generate test reports.

MITECH MFD550B Specifications:

Measuring range 0-9999 mm at steel speed
Resolution Accuracy +/- 0.1% FSW, Vertical: 0.2% FSH, Amplifier Accuracy +/- 1 dB
Communication storage USB 2.0 OTG, 100 channel groups detect parameter defects
Working time More than 10 hours
Main unit weight 1.4 KG
Total weight 6.0 KG
Dimension 263 × 170 × 61 (mm)


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