Mitech MHV-30 Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester

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Mitech MHV-30 Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester

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Mitech MHV-30 is an ideal hardness measuring instrument for research and testing of materials. Based on the principle that a positive rectangular pyramidal diamond indenter compresses the sample surface to produce indentations. By measuring the length of the diagonal of the indentation to achieve material hardness measurements can be for small specimens, thin specimens, test surface coating, heat treatment of Vickers hardness workpieces.

With stable performance, strong structure, and high, simple, high operation rating system implementation, cold light source adjustment, photoelectric sensing technology and computer assistance means it has powerful functions. This measuring instrument is widely used in micro specimens, thin specimens, surface coatings, heat treatment of workpiece surface samples and etc. This type Vickers hardness tool meets the various requirements of scientific research, precision machining departments and other quality and material inspections.

Features Mitech MHV-30 Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester :

  • Equipped with a range of small load Vickers hardness scale reserves.
  • Innovative, sturdy construction, high reliability, easy operation, intuitive reading, high efficiency.
  • Good host performance, workpiece surface quality and man-made factors have less impact on the hardness test results.
  • Adopt electronic automatic loading system to control the main test force, eliminating the need for heavy loading, more convenient operation.
  • Adopt large-screen LCD liquid crystal display, easy to operate, visually display test results.
  • Using high-level optical sensing system and high-precision photoelectric sensing integrated with high-tech product technology, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of testing.
  • Adopt diamond indenter, durable and accurate.
  • An adjustable cold light source measuring system that can control the strength of the light via software.
  • Optional photographic device, attainable at measured indentation and microstructure of the material to be photographed for further analysis.
  • With ISO 6507, ASTM E92, JIS Z2244, GB/T4340.2 and other related domestic and foreign standards.

Specifications Mitech MHV-30 Automatic Turret Vickers Hardness Tester :

  • Test force : 19.6N、29.4N 49.0N、98.0N、196N、294 N
  • Measuring range : 10HV2 – 2500HV30
  • Hardness symbol : HV2、HV3、 HV5、HV10、 HV20、HV30
  • Head and objective lens conversion mode : Manual operation
  • Loading and unloading mode : Auto operation
  • Microscope magnification size : 200×(test 100×(observation)
  • Minimum detection unit : 0.5μm
  • The maximum height of the applicable material is : 160mm
  • Test to secure load time : 0 – 60 seconds
  • Maximum distance from center of head to machine wall : 135mm
  • LCD screen attribute display
  • AC220V/50Hz power supply
  • Exterior Dimensions : 540x220x650mm
  • Machine weight : 40kg


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