NDT310 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester Meter

Product Description

NDT310 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester Meter 0.75mm-300mm

Features NDT310 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester Meter :

  • For the measurement of metal (such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.) thickness, plastics, ceramics, glass, glass fiber, and any other good conductor of ultrasonic
  •  Can be equipped with a variety of different frequencies, different chip sizes duals use
  • With the probe zero calibration, two-point calibration function, the system can automatically correct errors
    The speed of sound is known thickness can be counter-measure to improve the measurement accuracy
  • Has the coupling state prompts
  • LED backlit display for easy use in dimly lit environments
  • The remaining charge indicator, real-time display remaining battery charge
  • With automatic sleep, automatic shutdown and other power-saving features
  •  compact, high portability, reliability, suitable for harsh operating environment, anti-vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.

Specifications NDT310 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tester Meter :

  •  Measuring range: 0.75 ~ 300mm (probe decision)
  •  Resolution force: 0.1mm /0.01mm optional
  •  Measuring unit: metric and imperial selectable
  •  Accuracy: (0.5% H + 0.04) mm H is the actual thickness of the measured object
  •  adjust the speed of sound: 1000 ~ 9999 m / s
  •  Data storage: 500 data values stored reading, viewing and deleting
  •  The minimum thickness capturing capability: the ability to capture value having a minimum thickness
  •  The surface temperature: -10 ~ 60 C
  •  Measuring cycle: single-point measurement 4 times / sec, scan mode 20 times / sec



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