PCE-HFX 100 Air Humidity Meter

Product Description

PCE-HFX 100 Air Humidity Meter

Formaldehyde monitor for indoor air quality measurement
Measurement of temperature and air temperature / LCD with lighting

Air humidity meter is specially designed for monitoring the ventilation quality of interiors. We all know how the importance of the indoor climate in the workplace, in schools, kindergartens etc. The performance of an individual depends on the air quality at the workplace.

The air quality monitor PCE-HFX 100 continuously checks the formaldehyde content in the room air. This reading will be displayed in large characters on the LCD. Furthermore, temperature and humidity are measured and visualized. To alert you of an excessive HCHO content, the air quality meter has a switchable LCD illumination. This changes from white to red when a critical amount has been exceeded. Then, for example, it is recommended to open a window to restore good air quality. The air quality meter is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be charged via the micro USB socket.

  • Large LCD display
  • Alarm function
  • Battery and mains operation
  • Display of temperature and humidity
  • Ideal for continuous monitoring

Specifications PCE-HFX 100 Air Humidity Meter :

Measuring Function Formaldehyde HCHO
Measuring range 0 … 2 mg/m³
Resolution 0.01 mg/m³
Accuracy <0.6 mg/m³: ±0.06 mg/m³
>0.6 mg/m³: ± 10%
Measuring Function Temperature
Measuring range -10 … 50°C / 14 …122°F
Resolution 0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy ± 1°C / 1.8°F
Measuring Function Humidity
Measuring range 0 … 99% r.H.
Resolution 1% r.H.
Accuracy 30 … 80% r.H.: ± 5% r.H.
Restl Ber.: ± 8% r.H.
Display LCD with lighting
Display of low battery voltage Per symbol in the display
Power supply 3.7V Li-Ion battery
Operating conditions 0 … 50°C / 32 … 122°F / max. 85% r.H.
Storage conditions -20 … 60°C / -4 … 140°F / max. 95% r.H.
Weight 195 g / < 1 lb
Dimensions 75 x 55 x 130 mm / 2.9 x 2.1 x 5.1 in


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