Rigol HPLC Modules L-3320 Autosampler Injection System

Product Description

Rigol HPLC Modules L-3320 Autosampler Injection System

L-3320 Autosampler delivers high injection precision of 0.3% RSD, thanks to its high precision machining parts and advanced control algorithm. It also employs a design of multiple injection mode and changeable sampling loop, which extend linearity range and meet the need of more applications.

Features Rigol HPLC Modules L-3320 Autosampler Injection System :

Internal and External Needle

The build-in needle wash assembly has two washing positions for inter and outer needle wash separately, this double wash mechanism reduced the carryover significantly

High Injection Precision

Quantitative reproducibility of 3 compounds with different injection volume (RSD%) (n=6)

Multi-Injection Mode

The use of suction-type injection makes L-3320 simple, stable and reliable; with three injection modes including full loop, partial loop and micro pick-up mode for different requires

Lower Cross-Contamination

The patented sampling needle design and ultra precision inner and outer polishing technology,greatly reduced the carryover

Unique Design

All maintenance parts could be reached on the front side, which simplify the service procedure and lower maintenance cost

Patented Technologies

Strong R & D team and industry-leading technical strength, all products are self-developed, with a number of patented technologies

Specification Rigol HPLC Modules L-3320 Autosampler Injection System :

Sampling Mode Full loop,partial loopfill and μl pick-up
Volume of Sample Loop standard:50 μL (optional for 10, 20, 100μL)
Max. Sampling Volume Full loop = loop volume
Partial loop fill = 1/2 loop volume
μl pick-up =(loop volume- 3 × needle volume)/2
Sample Volume 2*48 1.5mL vials(standard)
(Optional: 96-hole panel, 384-hole panel, 10mL bottle)
Cross Contamination < 0.02%
Linearity 0.9999
Pressure Limit 6000 psi (15,000psi sampling valve is optional)


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