Sanfix TH308A Indoor-Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

Product Description

Sanfix TH308A Indoor-Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer

Specifications Sanfix TH308A Indoor-Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer : 

  • Temperature Range : 0C – 50C/32F – 122F
  • Resolution : 0.1
  • Accuracy : 1
  • Humidity Range : 10%RH 95%RH
  • Accuracy : 60% 5%RH
  • Celcius Fahrenheit Conversation : C/F
  • MAX/MIN Button : Display the maximum/minimum temperature of remove humidity, the maximum/minimum humidity records.
  • In the normal state, according to MAX/MIN key to switch showed the largest minimum value of the current temperature and humidity.
  • In the MAX or MIN displays status, no buttons automatically after 8 seconds to return the current temperature and humidity display.
  • The maximum/minimum temperature recorded humidity removal.
  • in the MAX or MIN of the state, hold down the MAX/MIN button 2 seconds clear of the show the highest/most low humidity, and return the current temperature and humidity display.
  • RESET Button : Clear Reset
  • Fix the unit on a wall of place and desktop.
  • Product use one (1.5V) AAA battery.
  • Font fuzzy, please replace the battery and Pattention to environmental protection.
  • C model with 1.5 meter temperature and humidity sensing line.



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