Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter

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Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter

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Feature Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter : 

  • 50000 & 500000 counts
    (Selectable 5-4 / 5 digits 500000 counts for DCV)
  • Dual display shows voltage/current and its frequency, and AC components and DC components of voltage/current
  • Low-pass filter for variable frequency drive(VFD) circuit
  • Capture (peak hold), Interval: 0.8ms
  • MAX/MIN/AVG recording mode
  • K type thermocouple temperature measurement -50℃ ~ 1000℃
  • Conductance measurement
  • Auto power save (17min.)(cancelable)


Specification Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter : 

PC7000 Measuring range Best accuracy Resolution Input impedance
DCV 500m/5/50/500/1000V ±(0.03%+2) 0.01mV 10MΩ
ACV 500m/5/50/500/1000V ±(0.5%+40) 0.01mV
DCA 500μ/5000μ/50m/500m/5/10A ±(0.1%+20) 0.01μA
ACA 500μ/5000μ/50m/500m/5/10A ±(0.6%+40) 0.01μA
Resistance 500/5k/50k/500k/5M/50MΩ ±(0.2%+6) 0.01Ω
Conductance 99.99nS ±(1.0%+10) 0.01nS
Capacitance 50n/500n/5μ/50μ/500μ/5m/25mF ±(0.8%+3)※ 0.01nF
Temperature -50~1000°C(thermocouple K type) ±(0.3%+20) 0.1°C
Frequency 10Hz~200kHz ±(0.02%+40) 0.001Hz
Logic frequency 5Hz~2MHz ±(0.002%+4) 0.001Hz
Duty cycle 0.1%~99.99% ±(3d/kHz+2) 0.01%
dBm -29.83dBm~54.25dBm ±(0.25dB+2) 0.01dB
4-20mA% 4mA=0%
±25d 0.01%
Continuity Buzzer sounds at between 20Ω and 200Ω Open voltage:approx.1.3
Diode test Open voltage:approx.3V
Display numeral display 50000 & 500000 selectable, bar graph 41 segments
Sampling rate 5 times/sec. for 50000 count, 1.25 times/sec.for 500000 count, 60 times/sec.for bar graph
Bandwidth V:45Hz~1kHz,1kHz~20kHz(below 500V)
Fuse 11A/1000V IR20kA Φ10× 38 mm
0.4A/1000V IR30kA Φ 6.3× 32 mm
Battery 6LR61(9V)x1
Battery life Approx.100h (alkaline battery) at DCV range
Size/Mass H184×W86×D52mm/approx.430g(Including Holster)
Safety IEC61010 CAT.Ⅲ600V/CAT.Ⅱ1000V

※Accuracies with film capacitor or better, which has low leakage current


PDF Sanwa PC7000 Digital Multimeter


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