Stroboscope Tachometer Led Digital DT-2240B

Product Description

Stroboscope Tachometer Led Digital DT-2240B

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Features DT2240B Stroboscope – Tachometer 60-40.000RPM :

  • The advenced technologies such as micro-computer technology(CPU), software Frequency generator and anti-jamming technology are applied to conduct Non-Contact measurement of rotation speed, as well as to inspect the status of moving objects and detect Detects on the surface.
  • Large LCD with Backlight ensures clear readings and no parallax.
  • Two adjustment ways : single-step adjustment (coarse/fine adjustment) and continuous adjustment (coarse/fine adjustment) for easy measurement.
  • There are Special backlit and flash control switches, saving battrey power.

Specification DT2240B Stroboscope – Tachometer 60-40.000RPM :

  • Measuring range : 60-40000RPM /FPM/RPM: R/min FPM : F/min
  • Coarse/fine tuning Range : <1000RPM ,,
  • Coarse tuning : 10RPM/FPM
  • Fine tuning : 0.1 RPM/FPM ≥ 1000RPM
  • Coarse tuning : 100RPM/FPM
  • Fine tuning : 1RPM/FPM
  • Accuracy : 0.05%
  • Resolution : < 1000RPM : 0.1RPM /FPM ≥1000RPM : 1RPM/FPM
  • Time base : 10MHz Quartz Crystal Ocilator
  • Display : 5 digits, LCD with Backlight in it, max display 40000
  • Power supply : Battrey 4x 1.5V AA
  • Power loss: Approx 60mA



Stroboscope Tachometer Led Digital DT-2240B Datasheet

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