Tenmars TM-208 Datalogging 3in1 UV Light Meter

Product Description

Tenmars TM-208 Datalogging 3in1 UV Light Meter

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Warehouses, factories, office buildings, restaurants, schools, library, hospitals, photographic, many video, parking garages, museums, art galleries, stadiums, building security.
  • Highly reliable direct reading instrument designed expressly for measuring light intensity at the wafer plane of mask aligners.
  • UV curing light sources, and any other UV light source.
Solar Power Features:
  • Solar power research.
  • Physics and optical laboratories.
  • Just point the calibrated PV cell at the sun and read the irradiance in Watts/m2 or Btu/ft2.h.
  • It’s great for those who test PV modules or arrays in the field.
Illumination Features:
  • According to JISC1609: 1993 and CNS 5119 general A class spec.
  • Spectral response close to CIE luminous spectral efficiency.
  • Measuring intensities of illumination in unit of Lux or Foot-candle.
  • Silicon photodiode and filter.
  • Cosine angular corrected.

Features Tenmars TM-208 Datalogging 3in1 UV Light Meter

  • It gives the selection of Illumination –Solar. -UVA of one’s own accord unit.
  • Illumination -Solar –UVA.
  • Convenient, no need to adjust, data displayed clearly.
  • Real time data.
  • Data hold function.
  • Auto ranging.
  • Back light.
  • Auto power off and disable auto power off.
  • USB PC interface.
  • Data logging capacity up to 45,000 reading.
  • Data logging of Illumination –Solar. -UVA of one’s reading.
  • Low battery indication“ ”.
  • Over load display “OL”.
  • Maximum/Minimum/Average record and elapse time.
  • Auto zero adjustment.

Specifications Tenmars TM-208 Datalogging 3in1 UV Light Meter

General Specifications
 3¾LCD display maximum display 4000.
 Illumination -Solar -UVA of one’s own accord unit
 BTU (ft²*h) / W/m² / uW/cm²/ mW/cm²
 Lux /foot candles (fc) unit.
 4 times/second.
 Power off
 Manual off by push button,
 or auto shut off after30 minutes approximately
 Data Outpu
 USB PC serial interface.
 Datalogging capacity up to 45,000 reading.
 130(L) x 56(W) x 38 (H)mm
 Consumption Current
 This tester was designed in accordance
 with EMC Standards in force and its compatibility
 has been tested in accordance with EN61326-1 (2006).

Electric Electrical Specification 

 Measuring range
 4000 Lux,40000Lux,
2000W/m²,13Btu (ft².h),
127 Btu (ft².h),
634 Btu (ft².h)
 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100Lux
 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10foot-candle
1W/m²,0.01 Btu (ft².h),
0.1 Btu (ft².h),
1 Btu (ft².h)
 ±3% (calibrated to standard
 incandescent lamp 2856°K)
 6% (other visible light   source)
±10 W/m²
(±3 Btu/ (ft².h) or ±5%)



PDF - WikipediaTenmars TM-208 Datasheet

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