Tunkia TM6140B Precision Magnetometer

Product Description

Tunkia TM6140B Precision Magnetometer

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Features Tunkia TM6140B Precision Magnetometer

TM6140B is a high-precision, multi-functional magnetic field measuring instrument. The instrument is equipped with a high-sensitivity, low-drift Hall sensor, and applies advanced digital signal processing technology, which is suitable for measuring the magnetic flux density value of a DC (constant) magnetic field or an alternating magnetic field. With an accuracy of 0.05, it can be used as a magnetic field measurement standard to calibrate DC magnetometers of 0.2 or below.

Specification Tunkia TM6140B Precision Magnetometer

  • Measuring   range: 0 ~ 3000 mT, automatic range
  • One   -key switch DC or AC mode, support frequency display.
  • Seven   -digit display with a minimum resolution of 1 nT.
  • Magnetic   field unit optional G, mT, A/m, Oe.
  • Support   “﹢, ﹢” to display the magnetic field polarity.
  • With   relative measurement mode, it supports offset value input.
  • With   data statistics and stability analysis functions.
  • Support   over-upper limit/over-lower limit alarm.
  • Support   probe temperature compensation function.
  • Supports the   function of setting the magnetic field integration period.
  • Radial and axial Hall probes are optional.
  • Support   RS232 output digital signal.
  • Optional   magnetic shielding cavity for calibration of zero drift.
  • Large   size LCD touch screen.

Tunkia TM6140B Datasheet

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