Yamaha 200 AET/L200 AET – 200pk

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Yamaha 200 AET/L200 AET – 200pk

THE BASIC QUALITY OF YAMAHA If you are a no frills type of boater who demands the best at a reasonable price, the Yamaha Origin series is for you. Built into these hard workers is the quality and reliability that set Yamaha apart from the competition. And our ongoing research and development efforts ensure constantly improving levels of product maturity. The proven loop-charged engines deliver reliable power, not to mention what you expect most from a Yamaha: legendary durability. Even with attractive prices, these are still Yamaha outboards inside and out. And the choices are getting better all the time.

  • 90º V6 engine – high performance & reliability
  • Power Trim & Tilt method – convenience & high performance
  • High-precision intake & exhaust tuning – high performance & economy
  • Loop charging – Loop-charged scavenging creates a circular flow for efficient removal of exhaust gas and even distribution of air-fuel mixture. The result is greater combustion efficiency for higher power and better fuel economy.
  • Counter rotation system – driver-ability
  • Built-in Hour meter for maintenance support – serviceability
  • Trailering tilt switch – convenience
  • Start-In-Gear Prevention
  • Overheat warning & Over-Rev Limiter
  • Extremely durable crankshaft, long life piston/piston ring & sturdy gears and gear case – reliability
  • Special Aluminium Alloy (YDC-30), 5-stage Multiple Coating, Self-Sacrificing Anodes – anti-corrosion

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DOKUMEN: Yamaha 200 AET/L200 AET – 200pk


Jual Yamaha 200 AET/L200 AET – 200pk  dengan harga murah dan berkualitas bergaransi tentunya. dapat di kirim ke seluruh wilaya indonesia.

Syariftama Global Indonesia memiliki beragam produk Yamaha  – cari berdasarkan jenis, atau model, atau filter berdasarkan merek untuk menemukan yang Anda cari. Jika Anda masih tidak dapat menemukan hubungi kami di No Tlpon 0812 9753 6324 Tlpon/SMS/Whatsapp.

Dalam pengiriman produk yang pelanggan beli, sebelumnya kami cek untuk memastikan produk dalam keadaan baik dan siap kirim.


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