YM-100C handheld ATP hygiene surface bacteria fast monitor analyzer

Product Description

YM-100C handheld ATP hygiene surface bacteria fast monitor analyzer

Features YM-100C handheld ATP hygiene surface bacteria fast monitor analyzer :

  • Small in size: handheld design, total weight is less than 300g,one-hand operation;
  •  Low power consumption: lithium battery, duration time is up to 10 hours, standby time is up to 600 hours;
  • Auto operating mode: 3.5’ color screen, simple keys, and friendly HMI;
  • Quantified result: the test result is accurate to 1×10 -18 mol ATP;
  • Quick test: 10 seconds per sample. The Biolum-III detector can be connected to a thermal printer via Bluetooth. The test result can be printed in real time;
  • Test protection: the Biolum-III detector possesses built-in inclinometer which will stop the test in case the incline angle is out of range to ensure test accuracy;
  • Control network: the Biolum-III detector can smartly check whether the bacterial colony amount is out of limit. It can be connected to electronic terminals such as PC;
  • Maximum storage capacity: the Biolum-III detector is capable of storing 256 Users, 256 Plans, 2000 Programs and 10000 Records;
  • Data template: the Biolum-III detector is integrated with data templates to facilitate user for viewing or calling;
  • Intelligent software: test data can be uploaded to the dedicated Biolum-III PC softwarafter test. Combine with this software, users could track, save the test results and analyze the trend of the tested locations.
  • Open reagent: suitable for ATP test reagents from multipl manufacturers. It is strongly recommended to use the supplied consumables to ensure the test result accuracy.


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