Yokogawa 30032A Leakage Clamp-on Tester Harmonic Filter

Product Description

Yokogawa 30032A Leakage Clamp-on Tester Harmonic Filter

The 30031A and 30032A are small leakage current clamp meters by Yokogawa. The 30031A Clamp-On Leakage Current Tester has a sharp low pass filter function, and the 30032A Clamp-On Current Leakage Tester is capable of measuring from 1 mA AC. Both models of leakage current test equipment use mean value as their leakage current measurement method of detection and rms value calibration.

Specifications Yokogawa 30032A Leakage Clamp-on Tester Harmonic Filter :

Description Leakage Current Mini Clamp-on; 3/30mA/30/60 Amp
Method of detection Mean Value
Display (Bar-graph display: 32 segments)
LCD (Digital display: 3200 counts)
Range Switching Auto-range
Operating temperature and humidity 0 – 50°, 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Influence of external magnetic field 0.0005% typical 1 (on current value of adjacent cable)
Influence of conductor position Within accuracy
Safety Standard Approved for conformity to EN 61010-1,EN 61010-2-032
Circuit voltage 300 Vrms or less
Withstanding voltage 3.7 kV AC for one minute
Power Supply One CR2032 (Coin-shaped) 3 V battery
Battery Life Approx. 90 hours (when continuously used)
Auto power-off Approx. 10 minutes
Diameter of measurable conductor 40 at maximum mm
Dimensions Approx. 70 (W) x 176 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 200 g
Accessories Instruction manual, battery, Soft case
AC Current 3/30 mA, 30/60A
Frequency Characteristics 50/60 Hz
Accuracy (50/60Hz) 1.0 + 5 (0~30mA)
1.0 + 5 (0~50A)
5.0 + 5 (50~60A)
Measurement Cycle 2 times/second (Digital display), 12 times/second (Bar-graph display)
Temperature Coefficient 0.05% of range /°C or less (within the ranges of 0-18° and 28-50° for measurement of 0-50 A)
  • Can measure leakage currents of 1 mA, which is useful for checking the insulation of low-voltage circuits and electrical components.
  • Can measure a broad range of currents from leakage currents (at a resolution of 0.001 mA) to load currents up to 60 A.
  • Typical influence (on the current value of an adjacent cable) from an external magnetic field is 0.0005%.
  • Durability of clamp: More than 50,000 opening/closing events
  • Twice the tensional strength of Yokogawa M&C’s earlier model clamps
  • The clamp lever is lengthened by 30%, enabling smooth opening/closing of the clamp even for thick cables of 40mm in diameter.
  • Approved for conformity to safety standards EN 61010-1 and EN 61010-2-032 (CAT III 300V, pollution degree2)


Selection Guide

DC Current Range
DC Current Resolution
AC Current Range 3/30mA 30/60A
AC Current Resolution 0.001mA
AC Current Frequency characteristics 50/60Hz
AC Current Method of detection Mean Value
AC Voltage Measurement
DC Voltage Measurement
Continuity Check Measurement
Frequency Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Recorder output Function
Waveform monitor output Function
Data hold Function O
Auto hold Function
Peak Hold Function
Maximum value memory Function
Mean value display Function
Filter Function
Range Hold Function
Auto ZERO Adjust Function
Auto power-off Function O


Additional Specification

At 23°C±5°C,75%RH or less
Accuracy: ±( % rdg + dgt) = ±(% readout + value of least significant digit)

AC current 3/30mA, 30/60A
Frequency characteristics 50/60Hz
Accuracy 50/60Hz 1.0 + 5(0~30mA)
1.0 + 5(0~50A)
5.0 + 5 (50-60A)


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