Kalibrasi LAQUA Meter Merk Horiba


Kalibrasi yang benar adalah kalibrasi yang dilakukan dalam kondisi “stabil”. Kalibrasi yang dilakukan dalam kondisi tidak stabil merupakan salah satu penyebab besar kesalahan pengukuran. Waktu kalibrasi divisualisasikan sebagai data numerik atau grafik. Dengan LAQUA, Anda tidak perlu terus mengkalibrasi ulang!

Apa kalibrasi yang benar?

A standard solution which the pH value is known is used to calibrate the pH electrodes, the operation in which the electrodes are adjusted to accurately detect the pH of the standard solution. *

Compared to general test solutions, the response of the pH electrodes to the standard solution is fast. However, it still takes some time for the values to stabilize.* If calibration is performed before the values have stabilized, as shown in the figure, measurement deviation occurs against the calibration when performed after the value has stabilized and this then becomes the measurement error in further measurements.

LAQUA enables the response of the pH electrodes to be viewed on a graph, and displays even the smallest changes within the most recent 10 seconds as the “Stability”. Only LAQUA lets you visually check the “Correct calibration”, thus
enabling high-precision pH measurement.

* The response speed of the electrodes to the standard solutions varies according
to the condition of the electrodes.

Data management

A maximum of 2,000* measurement/calibration data sets can be saved.

It’s really useful to always have past measurement/calibration data to hand.
You can pinpoint and search for the data you want to find from “Measurement date”, “Measurement item”, “Measured by” and “Sample name”.
* 999 data sets for the F-71/F-74BW/DS-7 models.

Useful Functions

Full support for on-screen settings confirmation, maintenance information and troubleshooting tips guide you through trouble free operation.

Inspection Navigation

Easy navigation for main unit and electrode inspections.
Various industrial standards (JIS, USP, EP, JP, CP) are also supported.

Troubleshooting Navigation

On-screen reliable support for a resolution when a problem occurs during calibration or sample measurements. A user’s guide is incorporated in the software to access if one experiences any operation difficulties.

Application Functions

Various industry standard methods are supported from the measurement to result output. Conductivity measurement for various country pharmaceutical pure water guidelines are also supported.

Full-Range of Functions for Validation and Usability

  • Customizable auto hold function for calibration and measurement
  • Periodic inspection mode: JIS/Pharmacopeias/Digital Simulator
  • Digital memory: Maximum 2,000 sets of measurement data can be recorded (999 sets for F-71/F-74BW/DS-71 models)
  • Simultaneous connection to a GLP/GMP compatible printer and PC
  • Customizable print function
  • Save data onto a USB flash drive
  • USB PC Communication: Data storage software available as a free download for registered users.
  • Multi-language support (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)
  • FDA21CFR Part 11 (Please ask for quotation)

Berikut type yang bisa di kalibrasi menggunakan metode tersebut :  

Horiba LAQUA PH 1300 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

Horiba LAQUA PH 1200 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

Horiba LAQUA PH1100 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

Horiba LAQUA DS-72 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

Horiba LAQUA F-73 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

Horiba LAQUA F-74 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

Horiba LAQUA F-72 Benchtop Water Quality Meter

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