Digipas DWL-200 Waterpas Digital

Product Description

Digipas DWL-200 Waterpas Digital Akurat Tepat Presisi

DWL-200 is a Torpedo Digital Level having a resolution of 0.1° & Alternate Zero feature. The Strong Impact resistance PC-ABS plastic material is moulded with a tough Aluminium base to form the rugged yet elegant body structure.

It has built in strong magnets to hold on to metal work piece.

Benefit Digipas DWL-200 Waterpas Digital

Digital display for any angle around 360°
Precise, speedy & reliable measurements
No more arguments for Surveying inspection job work sites with digital numeric display readings.
User can simply choose the type of format without the need for calculation.
Audible sound to indicate levelling to 0° & any angles halt
Extended battery life

Specification Digipas DWL-200 Waterpas Digital

Measuring range from 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90° (360°)
Resolution of 0.1° (1.75 mm/M)
Accuracy of ±0.1° at 0° & 90°
±0.2° at 1° ~ 89°
Digital display of angle in °(Degree) & %(slope)
Alternate Zero feature
Buzzer sound
2 X CR2032 3V cell batteries
3 Minutes auto off


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